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For Enthusiasts

GasesWiki is the world’s encyclopedia for components for handling and processing Gases. GasesWiki has very specific visitors. Thousands of professionals like to stay up-to-date. Who are these knowledge workers? Primarily highly educated men in the range of 20-50 years old. They hold middle and top ma­nagement positions or work as a specialist. In fact, they are the ones who decide on the purchase of a new product. Indeed, your target audience.

Four Good Reasons

  1. Our wiki pages are informative, unique and relevant, therefore search engines like these pages.
  2. Every deep link from LiquidsWiki to your own landing page, makes your website more relevant to search engines.
  3. For every page we only have one position available for a company logo. Let this unique opportunity not fall into the hands of your competitor!
  4. Every day the information on this site will become more elaborate and more accurate. Share your knowledge about your product, and show your customers that you are the real specialist.




Type Duration Unit price Unit price >10 Unit price >25 Unit price >50
Company logo 1 year € 150,- / € 120,- € 142,50 / € 112,50 € 135,- / € 105,- € 127,50 / € 97,50

Type Monthly price Monthly price >2 Monthly price >3 Monthly price >4
Advertisement € 1.200,- / € 960,- € 1.140,- / € 900,- € 1.080,- / € 840,- € 1.020,- / € 780,-


  1. For all our prices our General Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  2. All our prices are quoted in Euros and exclude any applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.
  3. When you buy more than ten pages for your company logo, a 5% discount is in order. From 25 and 50 pages the graduated discount is respectively 10% and 15%.
  4. When you buy more than one month of advertisement the graduated discount will be 5% for every extra month. The maximum graduated discount is 15%.
  5. Prices stated in italic are only for GasesOnline partners.
  6. After the duration of 12 months for the company logo’s, your company has first option to extend the contract.


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