Laboratory Moisture Analyzers

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Laboratory Moisture Analyzer

Laboratory Moisture Analyzers are designed to measure and control moisture content in virtually any product or material. It is commonly known, that moisture content may affect various physical features of a substance. Hence, there is a need to match humidity content on selected stages of manufacturing process or control of a product. In most cases the process of humidity or dry mass determination is relatively fast and reliable. For above reasons on reliability and repeatability, there should be instruments which provide such operation. Such features are offered by laboratory moisture analyzers, which are dual function instruments for broad application in laboratories and industry.

General data on laboratory moisture analyzer design

A laboratory moisture analyzer consists of a precision laboratory balance and a drying chamber that is attached to the laboratory balance. The drying chamber provides stable temperature on measuring process. Such design of a laboratory moisture analyzer makes the drying process different from traditional method.

The functioning of a laboratory moisture analyzer is basically:

  • Precise determination of mass of a weighed sample before drying process and during this process with no need to take the sample out of a drying chamber
  • Automatic finish of a drying process or drying till dry mass or drying till elapse of set time interval
  • Calculation of drying process result by a algorythm for selected drying profile
  • Forwarding data from drying process to a pronter or computer if there is a need to prepare drying process documentation.

Most of laboratory moisture analyzers are equipped with a drying chamber installed above weighing section of the instrument. Such design proviodes easy and reliable analysis of sample mass decrement. Moisture analyzers may differ in shapes and dimensions, but they have one common element, which is separation of drying chamber from weighing section.


Typical applications for laboratory moisture analyzer include regular random sampling and incoming inspection in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and building materials industries as well as in environmental monitoring.